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Project Description


The roots of our organization date back to year 2009, when Flava Dance Magazine was created in Poland, practically the only print magazine in Europe, dedicated to help street dancers. An in-depth analysis, deep interviews, detailed reports and philosophical essays on street dance pattern, made Flava Dance Magazine the only magazine of its kind. Currently, we write about effective tactics in their approach to key issues such as healthy eating, work on mental development, increased spirituality, science, technology and culture. We see the meaning of existence based on continuous self-improvement in every area of life.


Discover the world, where style matter the most. Who Got The Flava Today? Legendary video playlist (where for years the best dance sets are being watched by thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world) marked its location on the map of dance tournaments. In 2015 we organized the first tournament „Who Got The Flava Today?” which brought dancers from all over Europe. The competition takes place in the categories of breaking and All Styles in the knockout formula 1 vs 1. Honorary sponsor of the tournament was Bacardi company. All battles from the event you can see on our website. We support the creation of a new quality, free mind and originality. Look forward for the next edition of the unique event crowned up by the FLAVA brand

The idea of Who Got the Flava Today, known around the world as youtube channel, mark out extraordinary dance talents. Thousands of subscribers, fans and millions of video views show how important Who Got The Flava Today ?! is for dance community.


Flava clothes are the fruit of the inspiration that comes from dance, hip-hop culture, nature and openness to new experiences. We create a limited series of thematic clothes, characterized by mostly street style. Individuality of entity stands at the first place therefore design process always reflects the impact of culture, the city, music, art and the environment.  When I started doing Who Got The Flava, I did not expect that this idea will circle the globe and will have an impact on so many dancers all over the world. Today, it becomes an international enterprise, I would like to present you the official distributor of clothing brand and partner in activties of Flava in China, proud to present Who Got The Flava Team China,a crew full of passion, for whom the idea of Flava, is more than just a word, it is a lifestyle.